August 5, 2020

Welcome to Hill Media Digital

So, I changed the name of my photo and video company! Since I started as a photographer in 2005, I have been known by my name as a photographer. Over the years, that has led to confusion as I have a few other businesses I operate.

When people search for me by name, they might not be looking for photography services, which leads to confusion. I have desired to change the name of my photography company for years, I just never found a name that I connected with.

My digital marketing company, Hill Media Group, has been the name I end up doing most of my work under. When creating content for clients, I am usually managing the distribution of that content as well. It just makes sense to me to merge everything to some extent.

I still wanted there to be some sort of separation. It’s easy to confuse people with your offerings, so I decided to keep photo and video creation as a separate website.

Hill Media Digital ties that all together, so let me be the first to welcome you to Hill Media Digital!

More details will follow, so make sure to follow us on Instagram @HillMediaGroup

Hill Media Group and Hill Media Digital will share the same social media accounts to keep management more simple.

Have a photo or video project you’d like to discuss? Shoot us an email or call us today!

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