June 16, 2020

New Construction Townhomes in Kalispell


The housing market is booming in the Kalispell area so much so that homes are being listed for sale as they are being built. I was contacted by a local realtor to take Real Estate Photos of the townhomes listed for sale here in Kalispell, MT.

It is hard to capture a home that is still being built so we focused on what has been completed and on the amazing views this property will provide its new owners.

A few aerial photos were also captured to show the location and orientation of the townhomes on the property.

If the Townhomes have not sold by the time they are finished I will return to take additional photos of the completed homes. The two Townhomes are listed for sale separately.

See more Real Estate Photography on my blog or in my Real Estate Photography Portfolio.

One Comment on “New Construction Townhomes in Kalispell

Sam Macdougal
October 1, 2020 at 3:38 pm

Beautiful before pictures. Especially capturing the landscaping and beautiful scenery.


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