June 18, 2010

Brian and Aly Engagement in Knights Ferry

What I love most about life is watching what people become grow up to become. My childhood best friend was Brian’s older brother, which meant that Brian endured a lot at the hands of his brother and I. Even through all of that he turned out to be a pretty amazing guy and found himself an even more amazing girl. One of the things I remember about Brian from our childhood is that he wanted to be a police officer. It is very rare that people take their childhood dreams and make them a reality. Brian has done that and that is something to respect. Aly is finishing up school and I can already tell that she is going to change the world of business finance.

Our day started out with some Starbucks, I like my clients to be heavily caffeinated by the time we start shooting. We drove up to Knights Ferry to take some photos. Taking engagement portraits in Knights Ferry is such a fun experience because there is so much in such a small area. After roaming around Knights Ferry we decided to head back and take some shots around the tracks in Oakdale. I had yet to take engagement portraits in Oakdale. Over all we were able to capture some fun photos of Brian and Aly.

Brian and Aly will be getting married next year in April and I am excited to be there wedding photographer. I have had this idea in my head for a while that I approached Brian with. I have done several police office weddings in the past and have yet to get a bride a groom to agree to it. I would love to get a police car and have the bride slam her groom up against the hood of the car like in the movies. That shot would be epic! Maybe I will get lucky with Brian and Aly.

Brian and Aly, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your love for each other. It was fun hanging out, catching up, and getting to know both of you together.

Take a moment and watch Brian and Aly’s engagement slideshow.

Knights Ferry Engagement Session - Brian and Aly

Knights Ferry Engagement Session

Knights Ferry Engagement Session

Oakdale Wedding Engagement Session

Knights Ferry Engagement Session

Knights Ferry Engagement Session

ps. The top image on this page has weird color. For some reason when I upload the main header photo through my website it messes with the colors. You can see the original on my Flickr account, notice it looks much better.

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