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Kalispell, MT – Commercial & Product Photography

Jerad Hill

I am glad that you desire to learn more about me. I believe that the basis for everything in life is communication. From this, we gain security and build trust. Trust is what we all long to have in all the interactions we take part in. This world is changing, it is becoming a world where everything is becoming commoditized. We still believe in being personable and providing a good experience.

We are a photography and video production company based in Kalispell, MT.

Jerad’s Photography Journey

I started my photography career not too long after falling in love with photography out of a need. As a website designer, I needed nice images for my clients’ websites, so in 2005, I taught myself how to use a camera. Since then, I have been photographing and filming just about anything that comes in my path.

I travel a lot and utilize my equipment to shoot both photo and video. This hybrid style of shooting has set me apart from most other photographers who only understand one of the disciplines. I can photography and film a wedding or event at the same time and capture fantastic results for my clients.

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I hope you enjoy our Gallery and Slideshows.

Jerad Hill